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Business News

Apr 2011

In 2010 BEPRO-STEEL performed very well and achieved an excellent result. The number of customers increased to about 1,400.

Bepro sees itself as a steel distribution centre for end users and traders. Bepro is not only a proficient supplier of a wide portfolio of speciality steel products but also a component partner for customers ordering at short notice small and mini volumes of steel products.

Bepro has not one core business but is solidly positioned in many different areas. This diversification has helped the company to master difficult market situations in the past.

Being active in the steel trading business for several decades,  B E P R O  has accumulated the necessary expertise to satisfy any customer requirement in terms of order size, complexity, distance and geographic location.

Bepro is a Europe-based stockist and trader with a worldwide sales and purchase reach. The company has set itself the goal of reaching an annual trading volume of 100,000 tonnes of a wide range of different steel products.

The Managing Directors Peter Schorr and Sören Filipczak are confident that they will be able to reach this goal in the medium term.

The first months of 2011 give reason to optimism. Sales are going up and prices are stable. If this development continues 2011 might become a new record year.