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Bepro is your partner when demanding and complex solutions are required. As an extended arm of the factories, we offer you not only the service of the manufacturers, but also the advantages of an international distributor.

  • Drawing- and special profiles, anodized and coated, also machined
  • samless extruded and seamless drawn tubes
  • Special dimensions for sheets and coils, cuttings, CNC machining

BEPRO Steel Aluminum Supplier



Chief product manager for aluminum material
Mr. Matthias Prinage deutsch englisch
Mobile: +49-162-1311358
Headquarter: +49-209-9825110





3.0255 EN AW-1050A AI99,5
3.0257 EN AW-1350A EAL99,5
3.0275 EN AW-1070A AI99,7
3.0505 EN AW-3105 AIMn0,5Mg0,5
3.0515 EN AW-3103 AlMn1
3.0517 EN AW-3003 AlMn1Cu
3.0615 EN AW-6012 AlMgSiPb
3.1255 EN AW-2014 AlCu4SiMg
3.1325 EN AW-2017A AlCuMg1 / AlCuMgSi
3.1355 EN AW-2024 AlCuMg2/AlCu4Mg1
3.1645 EN AW-2007 AlCuMgPb / AlCu4PbMgMn
3.2315 EN AW-6082 AlMgSil / AlSiMgMn
3.3206 EN AW-6060 AlMgSi 0,5
3.3206 EN AW-6063 AIMg0,7Si
3.3207 EN AW-6101B E-AlMgSi 0,5
3.3210 EN AW-6005A AISiMg(A) / AlMgSi0,7
3.3211 EN AW-6061 AIMg1SiCu
3.3315 EN AW-5005 AlMg1
3.3535 EN AW-5754 AlMg3
3.3545 EN AW-5086 AIMg4 / AlMg4Mn
3.3547 EN AW-5083 AlMg4,5Mn / AlMg4,5Mn0,7
3.3555 EN AW-5019 AlMg5
3.4335 EN AW-7020 AlZn4,5Mg1
3.4345 EN AW-7022 AlZnMgCu0,5 / AlZn5Mg3Cu
3.4365 EN AW-7075 AlZnMgCu1,5 / AlZn5,5MgCu
3.4365x EN AW-7005 AlZn4,5Mg1,5Mn